Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recent drawing

Chat and detail/progress shots after the break...

7e p'tit printemps de la grande fabrique

We had an exhibition in la grande fabrique de Renage which is a desanctified chapel. 

Artists : Jo99, Nuvish, Cynthia Chazal, Thierry Lambert, Audrey Buzzolini, Gaspard Pitiot, Richard Tisserant, Lucrèce, Marie-Jeanne Faravel, Virginie Chomette, Marine Chalayer, Eric Demelis, Judith Lechartier, Sophie Rüttimann, Barbara F., Hui Zheng, Emilie Teillaud, Jean-Jacques André, Dominique Spiessert, La Martre, Dominique Lucci, Caroline Dayot

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Barflies (study)

Some drunken mugs, after Bosch, Massys and others.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ink and pen games .

Monday, April 21, 2014


Originally it was drawn on square canvas, which I gave for my friend as a present. But I scanned it before and recently change it a bit, added some space. One day I just felt like looking throw my older artworks, analyzing what I was thinking then, what motives I used, and I felt very interested with idea to "work again with the creatures I once invented", so to say. I was always trying "not to repeat myself", but now I'm developing different approach, more like "positive attitude towards learning from younger yourself", I'm talking about spontaneous and wild ideas in visual expression, accidentally made solutions and sometimes even primitive lines. This practice really helps me in the days when I get stuck with drawing because of overthinking the composition, searching for the best visual solution and being unable to continue drawing since I haven't find THE BEST way to do it and so on. Sometimes it is hard to relax and just enjoy drawing when you "think too much". So it's good to remind yourself what is the main point of drawing at all in the first place. And for me it has to be pleasure and satisfaction. And in a war with my rational thoughts I need to keep reminding myself that. 

Banner and colours

After all, we thought the banner could change more often. Anybody who wants to do a new one is very welcome to.
I quickly selected new colours to fit with Marcel’s banner. If you want to me change them, just tell.     

Sunday, April 20, 2014

                                          bim bam bom bim bam bom bim bam bom bim bam

Friday, April 18, 2014

S/M-chic(k) with a foot in her mouth.

Here's now the first 8 panels of "S/M-chic(k) with a foot in her mouth" that I'm doing together with Fufu! You can find these 2 pages in the Paola Verde-curated black zine nerOblio #2, which you also can purchase in her lovely li'l shop/gallery Kunst Kabinet 451 here in Berlin. For more info of this zine and here:

Santekraam II

In April and May, i am participating in the Santekraam II exhibition, together with my pals Matthias Giesen, Berend Vonk, Ben Vranken and Vlerk, who initiated the project. For those who do not understand Dutch: 'Santekraam' refers to saints, but it also means something like 'the whole kit and kaboodle'. (And 'Vlerk' means batwing, as well as brat). We are  showing comics, paintings, prints and various drawings about saints. The venue in Maastricht was thought of as the first in the series, but things did not work out in the fall of last year. This time, they bloody well did! In all the exhibitions I had, my work was never that well-protected. If you happen to be around, check it at Museum 'n More, Grote Gracht 74 Maastricht, Holland.

Our next stop will be in the unholy city of sin Amsterdam. To be continued in June...

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Here's I poster I did for my upcoming exhibition in Berlin,
Let's meet at Kunst Kabinet 451!!!

Astrolotl by Zeke Clough

Here's another book I silkscreened last year, it's all about one duck named Zeke Clough! This book is a compilation of crazy drawings, printed in different colors on various paper, well ...brown, black & crême paper. I spent few weeks onto layout, it wasnt easy (but very interesting) to manage different period drawings, and there was a lot of drawings with various sizes. Also I needed to move out some that i used in Alkom'X 8. So yes, it's challenge doing coherent book with various material, i had same difficulties with mine, while the one from Reijo Kärkkäinen was much more easy because it was a same series of drawings.

I also had difficulties with cover colouring! Well, the idea is to make something as nice as possible considering technical data and work, i'm printing 4 pages at a time so i can't be as effective as i could be with mechanic printing (automatic silkscreen with large frames). That's why I mostly concentrated on good result without too much layers. Also here I think drawings themself are great enough for they don't need too much manipulation!

You can see more pictures here :